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    Dental Implants

    Dental implants are the perfect answer to tooth loss today. Our dentists can place an artificial root that receives a cosmetic crown to restore function and restore your smile. Patients with ill-fitting dentures and partials can use implants to stabilize their bite.
    Implants for a GREAT smile!

    Dental implants in Wheeling revolutionized cosmetic dentistry and changed lives. Dental implants can help you chew easily and re-create your beautiful white smile. An implant is a titanium screw that can hold a crown to replace a missing tooth. It looks and feels and acts like a natural tooth.

    The front teeth are essential for an aesthetic and youthful smile. Smiling induces endorphins that keep you happy and energetic. The teeth also support the position of the lips and loss of support can create an aged look. Restoring a smile with dental implants can restore a beautiful smile.

    Dental Implants | Aristo Dental
    Dental Implants | Aristo Dental
    What are your alternatives?
    Before dental implants, bridges (fixed partial denture), dentures, or partial dentures were used to replace teeth. A dental bridge in Wheeling involves cutting structures of the two adjacent missing spaces in order to place the abutment or anchoring crowns. If there is a problem with the bridge, all the supporting teeth may need to get new restorations. Multiple teeth may need to be cut for Partial dentures. The wires that wrap around the remaining teeth can weaken and loosen the teeth. Full dentures don’t create the same chewing forces and are difficult to manipulate. Dental implants don’t require removal of any adjacent tooth structure and are fixed (attached) to the bone just like a tooth so it doesn’t require any manipulation while chewing. Dental Implants look and feel natural and most importantly improves your comfort.