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Can Invisalign Fix An Overbite?

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If you want to fix your overbite but aren’t thrilled about wearing braces, then you’re likely exploring your other options.


One way to fix overbites is through Invisalign, a type of clear aligner that can improve your bite and tooth position discreetly and comfortably.


But will it work? Let’s discuss:


What Is an Overbite?


An overbite is a type of malocclusion where the upper teeth stick out in front of the lower teeth.


Overbites, as well as other jaw alignment issues, can be:


  • Dental: caused by the position of the teeth

  • Skeletal: caused by the jaw bones and how they meet


Determining the type of overbite you have is essential, since it will also point to the most appropriate type of treatment.


Why Is an Overbite Damaging?


One of the most common reasons why people want to fix an overbite is to correct their appearance. Overbites can cause slight distortions in your facial features.


But apart from this, malocclusions can also increase your risk for oral health issues such as cavities or gum disease. When teeth aren’t properly aligned, it’s much more difficult to clean them properly.


Moreover, the improper position of the jawbones also alters the way you speak and chew your food. Teeth can wear down much more easily and cause irreparable damage to your oral health.


As a result, fixing overbites isn’t just for aesthetics; it directly supports your oral health.


How Invisalign Tackles an Overbite  


First, you should know that Invisalign can only correct skeletal overbites. The clear aligners put pressure on your teeth and slowly move them into a better position. To do this, you’ll need to wear the aligners for at least 22 hours every day.


You’ll need to wear multiple sets of aligners until the overbite is fixed. However, if you’re dealing with a skeletal overbite, you may need braces or even jaw surgery to correct it.


Though effective, Invisalign can’t place enough pressure to change jaw alignment.


How Long Does the Invisalign Overbite Treatment Last?


The answer depends on the severity of your overbite or, more specifically, how much your teeth need to move.


Your treatment starts with a comprehensive oral scan, where the dentist maps out exactly how the teeth should realign to improve your bite. These scans are used to create your custom Invisalign trays, and the dentist may estimate how long you’ll need to wear these trays.


Fixing an overbite with Invisalign can happen as fast as a few months or even take years.


Find Out If You’re a Good Candidate for Invisalign


Wondering if you can fix your overbite with Invisalign? Come see Dr. Sandra Aristodemo for a short consultation to find out!


Request a visit to Aristo Dental online and stop by to discover your options.


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