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Dealing With a Dental Emergency in Wheeling, IL

Dealing With a Dental Emergency in Wheeling, IL

Dental emergencies can come out of nowhere and really throw a wrench in your plans. If you have ever suffered tooth pain or the worrisome moment you discover a cracked tooth, you understand the initial panic of needing emergency dental care. If you suddenly find yourself dealing with a dental emergency in Wheeling, IL, knowing what to do and who to call will help you get the best and quickest care for your mouth during a dental emergency.

When can I call?

Emergency dental situations do not usually happen when it’s most convenient for you and they don’t always happen during regular dental office hours. Having an oral health care provider who is willing to work with your schedule to make sure you are seen quickly by the dentist to resolve your dental emergency is crucial. Establishing a good relationship with your dentist will ensure you know who to call in an emergency situation.

If you are in Wheeling, IL, calling your dentist office after hours will most likely be answered by an answering service who can direct you to leave a message for your dentist for the following morning or give you instructions on how to get in touch with your dentist if the situation needs to be dealt with immediately. If you believe you have a dental emergency and are suffering from

● Bleeding gums that won’t stop
● A damaged adult, permanent tooth
● Severe or increasing pain from infection or cavity

Call your dentist right away to set up an appointment.

An emergency dental situation needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible and the faster you can be seen by your dentist, the quicker you can get back to your pain-free life. Tooth pain may come in waves but it does not go away altogether unless the underlying issue is resolved.

Best care

For many patients, going to the dentist can be stressful even during annual cleanings or routine check ups. Adding pain or worry from a dental emergency can be that much more stressful for a person who normally dreads going to the dentist. For people who worry about dental appointments, sedation dentistry can be an excellent way to get the needed dental work done while alleviating anxiety and stress during the procedure.

How do I know I have a dental emergency?

Having pain in your mouth can be overwhelming and hard to determine when it is actually a dental emergency.

It goes without saying that if you are suffering any life-threatening injuries or have swelling that is impeding your breathing, call 9-1-1 or immediately head for the ER.

If you are unable to eat due to tooth pain, mouth injury, or infection, immediately set up an appointment with your Wheeling dentist.

If pain is increasing or severe, or if you have a knocked out or broken tooth, these also qualify as a dental emergency. The sooner you call your dental office for your dental emergency, the sooner you can be pain and worry free. If you live in Wheeling, IL, and are looking for a dentist or have a dental emergency, call the friendly, welcoming staff at Aristo Dental to schedule an appointment today!

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