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Dental Care in Wheeling, IL

Dental patient in illinois

Finding dental care in the village of Wheeling, IL is not a difficult thing to do. You have options, like Aristo Dental, where you can get top-notch care for a wide range of dental needs. Knowing that you have an excellent option for dental care, however, does not mean that you automatically stay on track with your routine visits. If you struggle to keep up with your routine dental appointments, it may help to be reminded of the reasons why regular visits to your dentist are so important.

Remove plaque and tartar

Plaque and tartar can build up on your teeth between dental appointments. Plaque is a sticky substance that contains harmful bacteria. Tartar is plaque that did not get removed from your teeth and hardened over time. Plaque and tartar can both contribute to tooth decay and gum disease. Improving your daily oral care routine can help reduce the buildup of plaque. Tartar, on the other hand, cannot be removed by brushing. Once plaque hardens into tartar, the only way to remove it is by having it scraped off. When you go to a preventative dental appointment, any plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth will be removed during the cleaning. This process will help protect your gums from disease and your teeth from decay. You will also leave with a cleaner and brighter smile once the film of plaque and buildup of tartar are gone. 

Assess the health of your gums

The health of your gums is an important element of both your oral and overall health. Gum disease can leave your gums sensitive, inflamed, and prone to bleeding every time you brush and floss. Over time, advanced gum disease can cause your gums to recede and even contribute to tooth loss. Your physical health is also at risk if you develop serious gum disease. Health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke have been linked to gum disease. Part of routine dental care is assessing the health of your gums. The early stage of gum disease – gingivitis – is very treatable if you catch it early. Getting regular dental care in Wheeling, IL is a way for you to make sure that your gums remain healthy.  

Look for signs of decay

Tooth decay can cause pain, lead to infection, and do permanent damage to your teeth. Decay is a progressive issue which means that, once it starts, it will get progressively worse until you take some type of action. When you go to a preventative dental appointment, your dentist will look for signs of decay. Imaging, a visual inspection of your teeth, and your own reports about pain or discomfort are all tools that your dentist can use to find signs of decay. Discovering decay early on will allow your dentist to address the problem before it advances and can help you avoid further discomfort.

Routine dental appointments are designed to prevent problems with your oral health, quickly find any issues that do develop, and address problems before they worsen. In Wheeling, IL, you can get help with all of your preventative dental care (and much more) at Aristo Dental. You can request an appointment online or call the office to get scheduled for a preventative dental visit.

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