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How Long Do Dental Crowns Really Last?

how long do dental crowns last

Dental crowns can last anywhere between 10 and 15 years, maybe even longer for some patients. Getting a definitive answer on a crown’s lifespan is almost impossible, and no dentist in Wheeling, IL, can do it. 

The only person who can say how long a dental crown will last is you—or, more specifically, how well you take care of it.

Check out the top 5 things that can damage a dental crown and how you can avoid them:


Oral Health Issues

The dental crown is supposed to protect a badly damaged tooth, but developing oral health issues in the future may prevent it from doing its job.

Gum disease, nearby cavities, and even infections could mean bad news for your dental crown and natural tooth, especially if bacteria find a way to get under it. At the very least, some dental crowns might need to be removed during treatment, which can also damage them. 

You can prevent this through two major efforts:

  • Brush and floss your teeth every single day.
  • See the dentist every six months for routine cleanings.


Tooth Grinding

If you grind your teeth while sleeping, you’re putting too much pressure on your crown and natural teeth, which affects their lifespan and may wear them down faster.

A mouthguard can protect your teeth against these effects. Custom ones are also comfortable and allow patients to sleep with them on with no issues!


Chewing on Objects

Likewise, if you have a habit of chewing on hard objects like pens, you may be wearing down your dental crown and reducing its lifespan.

It’s best to refrain from this habit entirely to protect both your crown and natural teeth. If you feel the need to chew, opt for sugar-free gum or replace it with another coping mechanism.


Smoking and Drinking Lots of Alcohol

Smoking and alcohol are bad news for your oral health (not to mention your overall health). They both increase the risk of developing oral health issues, which could also affect your crown.

In this case, cutting the habits entirely is the best solution.


Eating Hard, Chewy, and Sweet Foods

These foods are not ideal for different reasons:

  • Hard foods wear down the crown faster.
  • Sticky foods get stuck on the crown and your natural teeth until you brush right after.
  • Sweet foods increase your risk for cavities since bacteria love them. 

These foods are usually not the best for your oral health, so be mindful of them. Eat them in moderation and brush your teeth right after to protect both your crown and your natural pearly whites.


Getting a New Dental Crown 

Do you have a tooth that needs a crown or want an upgrade to your current one? Dr. Sandra Aristodemo is here to help! 

Request a visit to Aristo Dental online, or call us at (847) 808-8300 for a chat.

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