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What are 3 Things to Evaluate When Choosing a Dentist?

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Your dentist should be a long-term part of your life. In order to get the best possible care for your teeth and gums it is important for you to find a dentist you like and stick with him or her. Staying with the same practice allows the dentist to monitor your oral health over time. This is important because there are many issues that start small but can become big issues if left untreated. A dentist who knows your history and issues you are prone to having will be able to recommend effective treatment options quickly and get your oral health back on track. The only way to develop this type of long-term working relationship is to find a dentist that you want to stay with for years to come. This is a big decision! In order to make the best possible choice you need to carefully evaluate each dentist you consider. Factors to consider include services offered, experience, and the environment of the dental office. 

Services offered

The services available at the dentist vary from place to place. The reality is that dentists have various levels of training, experience, and interests which can all impact which services they offer. Start by making sure the dentist you are considering offers routine dental care such as cleanings and preventative examinations. Do you need or want any other type of dental care? If there are things about your smile that you do not like then look for a dentist who offers cosmetic procedures. If you have a history of periodontal disease then make sure that is something your dentist treats. Other treatment options you may want to consider include orthodontics, restorations, oral surgery, endodontics, and sedation dentistry. Think about your current and future needs as you evaluate the services that each dentist you are considering has to offer.


Experience matters when it comes to finding a dentist to provide you with preventative and on-going dental care. As you evaluate the various options, look at the length and type of experience that each dentist has. If you have specific dental issues you need to address, look for a dentist who has training and experience dealing with those issues. Some dentists work with certain age groups or demographics – consider how that experience lines up with your situation. You can often learn about a dentist’s experience by looking on their website. You can also call the dental office and ask specific questions about the dentist’s experience that you did not find the answers to online.

Environment of dental office

You should also evaluate the environment of the dental office as you go through the process of choosing a dentist. You will be at the office at least two times per year so it is important to feel comfortable in the environment and with the people who work there. You can start this process by looking at pictures of the office online and reading the bios about the dentists, hygienists, and staff if those are available online. Another way to evaluate the environment of the dental office is to schedule an initial consultation and experience it for yourself.

Once you have a list of dentists in your area to consider, carefully evaluate the options. Looking at the services provided, experience of the dentist, and environment of the office will help you make an informed decision about which dentist is the best fit for you.  

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